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Curried Spring Rolls and Pineapple Salsa

An incredible twist on the spring rolls. The pineapple salsa is refreshing with the lime. Make it once and you’ll want them again and again. Ingredients 2 chicken fillets Half a red pepper 1 spring onion 4tbsps of sweet chilli Spring roll wrappers 1 beaten egg Oil for frying Salsa 1 bunch of chives Half

Quick Pan Pizza

  An incredible simple way of cooking pizza. Takes the time and pressure out of making pizza. Don’t tell the Italians about this one. Ingredients 1 and a half cups self-rising flour Half cup of water Seasalt pinch Tomato sauce Half a jar of passata 1tbsp of balsamic vinegar 1tbsp of honey Fresh basil Toppings

Sweet Sticky Beef Short Ribs

Sweet Sticky Beef Short Ribs. Perfect for the summer. Ingredients 5tbsps of sweet chilli sauce 5tbsps of soya sauce 3tbsps of tomato ketchup 2tbsps of balsamic vinegar 1tbsp of smoked paprika 1tbsp of sugar A handful of sesame seeds 3 sprigs of chopped thyme 1kg of beef ribs from your local Craft Butcher Pinch of