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Onion Bhajis

An absolute must as an accompaniment to curry or wonderful as a starter for an Indian meal. Onion Bhajis are tasty little onion balls bound together with lightly spiced and fragrant chickpea flour batter. Serve these with coriander chutney or cucumber raita. Ingredients 2 free-range eggs 3 onions, sliced 120g plain flour 1 tsp. ground

Salt and Chilli Chicken Bites

A healthy Fakeaway snack for you guys to enjoy. Ingredients 2 chicken fillets sliced 2 medium eggs 1tsp of chilli powder 1tsp of garlic granules 1 onion 1/2 red chilli Coconut oil 1tsp of salt (always season to your own taste) 200g wholemeal breadcrumbs Process Whisk the 2 eggs in a bowl Mix breadcrumbs with

Pimp Your Burgers

If you like eggs you will love this burger. The egg bakes in the centre of the bun and also toasts the bun at the same time. Ingredients Smoked cheddar 1 and 1/4 pound of mince 2 good pinches of Seasalt 100g of breadcrumb 2 egg yolks Small piece of grated ginger 2tbsps of sweet