Lamb Burgers

I am delighted to be back supporting the European campaign to promote lamb. Lamb can be quick and easy to prepare, is convenient, versatile and suitable for everyday meals, whether you’re a traditionalist or are looking for an ethnic twist. You’ll love its natural flavour. A wide variety of cuts makes lamb suitable for a range of dishes and cooking methods, from quick mid-week meals to special dinners at weekends or holidays. Local lamb is grass-fed and raised outdoors, and sheep farming supports the local economy and communities across Europe. Visit or follow the campaign on Facebook and Instagram for all things European lamb.


1Ib lamb mince 

Sea salt/ cracked pepper 

A good handful of fresh breadcrumbs 

1 tsp of cumin 

Fresh rosemary 

For the pesto

2 good handfuls of basil

200ml of good quality olive oil

2 cloves of garlic 

A small handful of blanch almonds 

A handful of freshly grated Parmesan 

For the tzatziki

5cm piece cucumber , deseeded and coarsely grated

200g pot thick Greek yogurt

2 tbsp chopped mint, plus a handful of leaves to serve

To serve

Brioche huns toasted

Extra grated Parmesan


Firstly start with the lamb burgers. In a large bowl mix the cumin, Breadcrumbs, Rosemary, lamb mince. Shape into four round patties. Flatten them and then season on both sides with sea salt and black pepper. Heat a large frying pan on a medium heat, drizzle some oil and pan try until burgers are golden crispy and fully cooked through. This usually takes 8-10 minutes. Meanwhile, in a food processor blitz all pesto ingredients together. Season well to taste. For the tzatziki; peal and deseeed cucumber and slice . Mix in the chopped mint and yogurt. The zest of half a lime is a nice addition here. Now all you need to do is assemble!l. Start with some pesto on the bottom bun, Add tzatziki followed by lamb patty, more pesto and tzatziki and a good grating if fresh Parmesan. Top it with the lid and enjoy!

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