Confit Duck Recipe

To confit is a french term for salting and slowly cooking usually leg meat to preserve it as there were no fridges back then.


2 duck legs

400g of duck fat

2 star anise

Sea salt

1 carrot

1 parsnip

1 beetroot

2 tbsp of plain flour

Oil for frying


For the sauce

Half a glass of red wine

2 sprigs of thyme

2 tablespoons of honey

4 tablespoons of balsamic vinegar

1-2 tablespoons of five spice

300mls beef stock

To serve

Micro salads such as red amaranth or micro coriander




With the duck legs trim them up the best you can and season them heavily in sea salt

rubbing in the salt with your hands covering the duck legs. Place in the a tray and add the

star anise and cover in cling film. Leave overnight to cure or alternatively 2 hours

minimum. Once cured wash off the salt and pat the duck legs dry with some kitchen paper.

Now in a casserole tray place in the duck legs, the duck fat and star anise. Cover in tin foil

and place into a preheated oven at 150oC for 2 hours.

Once cooked remove from the duck fat. Store the duck fat in a jar and keep again for next

time. Place the duck legs under a low grill to crisp for 10-15 mins. Making sure to keep

your eyes on them.

For the sauce in a medium sized saucepan on a high heat ad the red wine and thyme.

Allow it to reduce by half before adding the 5 spice, honey and balsamic vinegar. Now

reduce again for another 5 mins. Now add the beef stock and either thicken by reduction

or with cornflour.

For the veggie crisps. Peel nice strips of the carrot and parsnip. With the beetroot peel

and slice it as thin as you can on a mandolin. Dust the veggies in flour. Heat some oil in a

pot and once hot enough fry the veggies until crisp. It’s best to do these in small batches. I

normally keep the beetroot separate. Drain on some kitchen paper and season with a

touch of salt.

Now you can plate them up. Firstly, squeeze on some red cabbage purée for the duck to

sit on. Place the duck leg down, spoon over some sauce, scatter around the veggie crisps

and then finish with the micro salad. Enjoy!


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