Classic Family Lasagne

is my twist on the family classic. The smoked paprika and sweet chill
makes it so much better.
of beef mince
of pork mince
onions peeled and sliced
sprigs of rosemary
of smoked bacon lardons
of smoked paprika
heaped tablespoons of tomato puree
tins of plum tomatoes
of sweet chilli sauce
of dried lasange sheets
of parmesan for grating or grated cheddar
400g of mixed cherry tomatoes halved (optional)
the white sauce
of cheddar cheese
of milk
of butter
of plain flour
off by cooking off the onion, bacon and rosemary in a large hot sauce
pan for 1-2minutes on a medium heat with some oil. Now add in the
beef and pork mince, turn up the heat and cook out them both. You’ll
need to let any of the liquid from the mince reduce and then allow to
fry again until the mince is golden and brown in colour. The more
colour you get on the mince at this stage the more flavour you will
colour is achieved add in the tomato puree, and smoked paprika and
cook through for 30 seconds.
add the tinned tomatoes and sweet chilli sauce and allow to cook out
for 20-30minutes until reduced and thick on a medium heat. Season to
taste and set aside until ready to asemble.
the white sauce
the oven to 190oC for baking the lasange. Heat the milk in a saucepan
to start. Then melt the butter in a seperate saucepan and then add
the flour. Cook the flour and butter on a mdeium heat for 2-3mins
until smooth stiring with a wooden spoon. Now add the hot milk slowly
stirring everytime you add it until you get a thick white sauce. Take
it off the heat and finish with the cheddar cheese.

assemble the lasagne, spoon a third of the Bolognese into the bottom
of an ovenproof dish (roughly 25cm x 30cm), then follow with a layer
of lasagne sheets and a third of your white sauce. Add another layer
of Bolognese and repeat the process twice more, finishing with a
layer of white sauce, then the tomatoes if using and then grate over the top with Parmesan or cheddar.
Drizzle with olive oil, cover with tin foil, then place in the oven
for 20 minutes. Remove the foil and cook for a further 15/20 minutes
(at the same temperature), or until golden brown and bubbling at the
edges. Serve with a lovely fresh green salad. Enjoy

Chef Adrian a young Irish enthusiastic
chef (from Cavan) who is passionate about food and the marrying of the
skills of butchery and cookery.
He is employed in the capacity of ambassador for the Associated Craft
Butchers of Ireland.
Starting at a very young age, he trained in some of
Ireland’s most renowned restaurants including Mac Nean House (6 years)
and Bon Appetit (1year). He also holds a degree in culinary arts from
the School Of Tourism Killybegs. He now travel the country spending a week in the
local Craft Butcher, developing new product ideas, promoting the local
Craft Butcher through television and radio, introducing school kids to
their Craft Butcher shop, and conducting cookery demonstrations for
He also writes weekly and monthly columns for
Woman’s Way Cookbook, Food For Thought and Woman’s Way Magazine.
His very own tv show “Chef Adrian the Craft Butcher Chef” has been
aired each week with 6 episodes in December 2014 and January 2015 on
Sky 191 and Free Sat 400 and is been repeated every week on Mondays and Fridays.
He also has a “Pop Up Cookery School”
where people and students can learn hands on cooking lessons popping
up in local events rooms and halls around the country.
He appears every week on TV3’s Late Lunch Live which now has changed to the Seven O Clock Show where he cooks with a
Celebrity guest and promote what events are coming up in the week. The show is hosted by Lucy Kennedy and Martin King. In May 2015 Adrian took his place in the Guinness Book of Records for the worlds largest potato pancake as part of Coeliac Awareness Week.
Adrian has been voted by in the top 15 rising stars of 2015.

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