Chicken Mince Spring Rolls

Serves 4


400g Manor Farm Irish Chicken Mince
2 tablespoons oil

Half a red onion diced
Half a red pepper diced
1 spring onion
5tbsps of sweet chilli

2tbsp of Soy sauce
Spring roll wrappers
1 beaten egg
Oil for frying

1 bunch of chives
Half a pineapple
Juice of 1 lime


Dice the half onion and on a medium heat soften it in some oil for 1-2minutes.

Add in the Chicken Mince and cook it out until golden in colour.

Dice half the red pepper nice and small. Slice the spring onions at an angle.
Add all the chicken mince, red onion, spring onions and red pepper into a bowl and drizzle in the sweet chilli sauce and Soy sauce.. Season with salt and pepper.

To make the salsa, dice up half a pineapple really small, slice up the chives small and then zest and juice the lime. Mix all really well in a bowl and set aside until serving.
Fill the spring roll pastry with the chicken mixture. If you can’t get your hands on spring roll wrappers you can always use filo pastry. Just be careful it doesn’t dry out so keep it under a damp cloth.
Roll and tuck in each side as you roll the pastry over the filling.

Beat an egg and then brush the end with the beaten egg.
Double wrap to make sure they don’t break while cooking.
Fry in 1-2cm oil for 1 minute on each side until golden and crispy.
Once cooked drain on some kitchen paper. Slice the spring rolls at an angle with a serrated edge knife. To plate up. Spoon on that salsa, stack on that amazing spring roll (or 2 of them if you’re hungry) and then serve with a nice bit of salad, microgreens or rocket. Top tip: dip them in sweet chilli sauce.

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