Raspberry Meringue Bombe

Every now and again I do make an odd dessert so here is a beautiful one for you all.
Everyone loves Eton Mess, but as the name suggests, it’s not the most elegant-looking dessert. So my twist is to freeze it in a pudding basin and then turn it out before serving.
3 punnets of raspberries (keep 1 for coulis)
800ml double cream
4–6 individual meringues or 1 large meringue
place the 1 punnet of raspberries in a frying pan with a pinch of caster sugar and dash of water until softened. Push them through a sieve into a bowl to create a smooth coulis. If too thick don’t be afraid to add more water. Set aside to cool.
Meanwhile whip the double cream, then crush the meringue and fold in the two punnets of raspberries altogether. Line a Christmas pudding mould with cling film and then fill the mix into the mould. Freeze for 2 hours or overnight.
Once set remove the Eton mess bombe from the mould by pulling on the cling film. If you have trouble you can run the mould under some hot water for a couple of seconds.
Invert the dessert on a serving plate, drizzle the coulis over and serve.

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