Chef Adrian Collection – Linen Aprons


Washing your linen on a gentle cycle at 40°C should be sufficient, while white linens can be washed at a higher temperature of 60°C.

Only use bleach on white products.

We recommend air drying, however products can be tumble dried on a low heat and removed when slightly damp. We don’t recommend tumble drying our fringed collections.

Iron damp or leave as dried for that signature crumpled look.



The Chef Adrian Collection consists of a high end range of Kitchenware for the home cook or budding chef. Our soft, washed Linen Apron has been spotted on home bakers and professional chefs alike, on the pages of recipe books and in our favourite interiors publications. The soft, crumpled look of pre-washed linen works just as well in rustic farmhouse kitchens where cooking is natural and unhurried, as it does for busy cooks who are working to precision. Suitable for both men and women, our Linen Apron wraps comfortably around the body and ties at the front, keeping clothes protected. Store favourite kitchen gadgets in the deep front pocket for quick access when you most need them.

  • Chef Adrian Collection Aprons
  • 100% linen
  • 1 Apron
  • Simple design in a to suit any kitchen

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