Lemon and Thyme Roast Chicken with Goose Fat Potatoes, Carrots and Parsnip

Nothing beats a good roast chicken. This is my all time favorite roast chicken recipe.

For the Chicken
1 1300kg Free Range Whole Chicken from your Certified Craft Butcher
1 lemon zested and kept whole
2 sprigs of thyme
125g of butter at room temperature
100mls of water
1 onion with the skin on sliced into 4

For the Goose fat Potatoes, Carrots and Parsnips
6 large maris pipers washed and halved
3 parsnips peeled and halved
3 carrots peeled and halved
1 bulb of garlic
3 sprigs of fresh rosemary
4 heaped tbsps of goose fat

For the Sauce
1tbsp of rice flour
250mls of knorr chicken stock pot
1 sprig of thyme

For the chicken
In a bowl or a pestle and mortar mix the lemon zest, butter and chop in the sprigs of thyme.
With clean hands or a spoon spread over the butter mix all over the chicken making sure to cover every bit.
Pierce the whole lemon with a knife and stuff it into the cavity of the chicken. Place the sliced onion onto the roasting tray sit the chicken on top, pour around the water and then season the chicken with seasalt and cracked black pepper. Heat the oven to 190oC and cook the chicken undistubed for 1hr30mins.

For the veg
Put the potatoes and carrots into a large pan, you may need two, of salted boiling water on a high heat and cook for 5 minutes. Now add the parsnips and cook for another 4 minutes.
Drain in a colander and allow them to steam dry. Give them a rattle around in the strainer so they fluff up.
Place a roasting tray on the gas and place in your goose or duck fat. Allow it to melt and heat up and then place in your vegetables. Break up the bulb of garlic into cloves and toss them in. Take the rosemary off the stems, and sprinkle it over along with a good pinch of seasalt.
Spread all the veg out evenly as you need them to roast.
Put them into the oven at 190oC for 45-50mins until golden and crispy and fluffly in the centre.

For the sauce
Take the chicken out of the oven once cooked and allow it to rest on a plate for 15-20mins. What i normally do to keep it warm is cover it in tin foil then a tea towel.
In the dish you cooked the chicken on place it on a low heat and with your potatoe masher mash the onion up into the juices of the chicken. Add in the flour and cook for 30 seconds to a minute. Add in the chicken stock and thyme and then whack up the heat to bring the sauce to the boil.
Strain the sauce into a jug to serve on the side

To Plate
Serve the chicken on a platter and scatter the veg all around it. Serve the sauce on the side and allow the boss to carve at the table.



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