Chicken Kiev with Celeriac Mash

This is my twist on the classic and it tastes amazing.
4x medium sized boneless chicken breasts with the skin
of from your craft butcher
4tbsps of flour
2 large free range eggs
150g of fresh breadcrumbs
Camelina Oil
the butter
4 cloves of garlic
4 smoked streaky rashers
half a pound of butter at room temperature
5 sprigs of thyme
the mash
4 medium sized potatoes peeled
half a small celeriac peeled and chopped into chunks
1 knob of butter
Garnish (Optional)
Dressed baby spinach leaves
Make up the flavoured butter firstly. Fry off the bacon
in a pan or under a grill until golden and crispy. Take it off and
allow it to cool before chopping into small pieces with your knife.
Place the butter into a bowl and crush in the garlic. Chop up the
thyme finely and then put it into the butter. Toss in the bacon and
give it a good mix up with a spoon. Place the butter into a piping
bag with a small nozzle and keep until needed.
For this part you can ask your craft butcher to do it
for you. In the thickest part of the chicken with a small knife make
an incision mid way into the fillet to create a pocket. Into the
pocket pipe in the flavoured butter. Once piped in allow the chicken
to cool for 10-15 minutes in the fridge until the butter sets.
In 3 separate bowls. Fill flour along with a pinch of
seasalt in 1. In the other crack in the eggs and beat them. And then
in the other have the bread crumbs. Dip the chicken in the flour,
then the egg and then into the breadcrumbs to coat them.
Peel and chop the celeriac and potatoes. Place them into
a saucepan with water and seasalt and allow them to boil and simmer
until soft. Strain off the liquid and allow them to steam for
30 seconds to a minute until all excess liquid has come off. Mash them
up with the butter and seasalt and set aside until needed. For the
chicken place 2cm of oil into a wide saucepan and heat on
a medium heat. Place the chicken in and fry until golden on both
sides and then transfer to an oven at 180oC for 10mins to cook fully
through. You can just bake them either by drizzling over the oil and
baking for about 20mins.
Place the mash into the middle of the plate and flatten
it with a spoon. Slice up the chicken if you want and place it on


Then garnish with the dressed spinach leaves. Enjoy.



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