Beer Butt Roast Chicken

I know this sounds so unusual but trust me the flavour is
unbelievable and once you take the chicken out of the oven in front of your
guests they will be amazed. You can also sit this on the barbeque with the lid
down, but it may take a bit longer.
1 small/medium sized chicken
1 can of Guinness (open and take a few sips until it
fills about halfway)
40g of butter
4tbsps of smoked paprika
4 sprigs of fresh thyme
Salt and cracked black pepper
Rub the butter and smoked paprika well into your chicken, inside and out. Season really well with salt and cracked black pepper.

Now lower the chicken’s cavity onto the can of Guinness as if the chicken is sitting on the can. Sit the chicken on a tray in the
bottom of your oven at 190oC for 1 and a half hours-2hours depending on the
size. Make sure the juices run clear to tell if it’s cooked. Allow to rest
before carving and enjoy. 

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